This Cookie Policy provides an explanation of cookies and their usage on our website. It is important to read and understand this policy to gain insights into the types of cookies we utilize, the information collected through cookies, and how we manage that information.


Your browser stores small, simple files called cookies that accompany website pages and reside on your computer or device’s hard drive. Additionally, during subsequent visits, this stored information may be transmitted back to our servers or the servers of relevant third parties.


Our website employs two types of cookies:

  1. Essential cookies: These cookies enable you to experience the full functionality of our site. For example, they allow you to log into your account and retain products in your shopping cart. Without these cookies, certain parts of our site may not function properly.

  2. Performance cookies: These cookies provide insights into how you use our site, helping us to improve it. They track the number of visitors to our website and monitor their navigation patterns. This data aids us in enhancing user experience by ensuring easy access to desired information. The information collected by these cookies remains anonymous. We utilize Google Analytics to track website visits and user behavior, with the collected data used for benchmarking and assessing user engagement.


Our website employs third-party apps or plugins during its development. While we cannot guarantee the reliability or security of these third-party entities’ handling of personal data, we encourage you to review their privacy statements for further information. Examples of such apps and plugins include, but are not limited to, WordPress, Woocommerce, Shoplendor, Elementor, Google Analytics, Stripe, and Paypal.


You have the option to accept or reject cookies within your browser settings. Different browsers provide varying controls for this purpose. Generally, you can choose to accept, refuse, or delete cookies at any time, including those from third-party providers or specific websites. Refer to your browser’s website for instructions on managing cookies.

Please note that blocking cookies on our website may limit access to certain areas and cause certain functions and pages to operate differently.


We may periodically update this Cookie Policy. It is recommended to regularly review this policy to stay informed about the most recent version.

This Cookie Policy was last updated on June 1, 2023.

For any inquiries regarding our cookie policy, please contact us.

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